Affordable Art Fair, Digital Campaign

Role: Creative Team: 5 Students. Span: 3 Weeks.

Affordable Art Fair is a dynamic art fair located in 14 different countries with the vision of democratizing the art scene. They came to us with the objective of making art less pretentious and instead encourage the multitude to enjoy it as the pure form it is. Our challenge was to come up with a measurable campaign to sell more early bird tickets and attract more visitors (and potential buyers) to the Stockholm fair.

After a bit of research we realized a couple of things:
– Art is very subjective and therefore personal.
– A reason why people don’t buy art is because they feel uneducated
and don’t have a relationship to it.
– There’s always an incentive behind sharing someting in social media.

We delivered a campaign concept, social media strategy and long term communication strategy. The campaign concept was an art tool for creating fun portraits inspired by di erent historical art expressions like expressionism, kubism and modernims. The tool “Artify Me” made it possibly to explore and learn about these expressions with a hands on experience. When the user was done creating their portrait it would work as a discount to the fair’s entrance fee. It also created an incentive to share, since it was very personal and had a bit of e ort behind it.

All the submitted portraits would be gathered on the webpage gallery where a weekly voting contest would be held and the winner would get free tickets to the fair. As an extension of the campaign, AAF would place a few photo booths in public places of Stockholm where you could get an analogue preview of Artify Me.
artify3 aaf2