Fastighetsbyrån & Hyper Island 48h Hack

Role: Creative, Video Editor. Team: 5 Students. Span: 48 hours.

A 48h challenge we had together with Sweden’s biggest real estate agency, Fastighetsbyrån. The brief was to come up with an idea for how Fastighetsbyrån could display and spread their properties in an innovative and di erent way, and in return attract more visitors and potential buyers to the showings.

To gather insights in this limited time frame we used a tool from the Hyper Island Toolbox called The Stinky Fish. This enables a group to identify all individual or collective negative associations and experiences connected with the brand and industry. One conclusion we saw was the lack of transparency in the industry and a lack of personal vibes with the face of the brand.

In order to adress these problems we delivered one campaign concept as well as an improvement of their digital platform.

Campaign solution:
This concept derived from the insight that couples are queuing for hours outside the Stockholm city hall during Pride, just to get a drop-in marriage ceremony which lasts
for only a few minutes. Since Fastighetsbyrån has plenty of empty properties just waiting to get lled with love, our idea was for Fastighetsbyrån to invite these eager lovebirds to instead get married in beautiful homes around town.

Friends and family of the couple would be invited for a big loving moment inside the property. The ceremony would also be open for potential buyers and curious visitors who now got to experience a showing lled with love and warmth rather than the plain and sti environment that showings usually provide. This would allow Fastighetsbyrån to change the brand perception from the biggest real estate agency in sweden, to Sweden’s most loving real estate agency.

Digital presence:
To further strenghten the new brand pillars, transparency and love, a change in the current digital platform was necessary. We added new features to the current web page. Lifting the true faces of the company, the brokers.
Every broker would have a personal description together with a personal video introduction telling a little bit about what he or she valued in life, favourite spots in town etc. This would be accompanied with a section with reviews from previous clients to really show an incentive for transparency.

Fastighetsbyrån 48h Hack with Hyper Island from Mark Vesterlund on Vimeo.