Pandora’s Box: Installation

During the module ‘Exploring Technology’ at Hyper Island me and my team created an interactive art installation: ‘Pandora’s Box’.

Role: Experience Designer, Editor, Sound Designer.
Period: September-October 2014.


Pandora´s Box. Interactive Installation from Mark Vesterlund on Vimeo.

This project is one that I’m the most proud of during my time at Hyper Island. Basically because I had the chance to work as a multifaceted thinker and doer, sparking emotions in the audience by experience design, through a provoking audio/visual art installation.

I had a floating role of designing a strategy that would trigger as much feelings and emotions in the audience as possible, combined with executing parts of the visual experience and designing the whole ambient soundscape.

The strategy behind the experience design had the goal of sparking emotional experience through interaction. We worked with a Kinect and Arduino which enabled us to increase the vividity of the audio/visual experience as the visitor approached the pedestal. The challenge was also to create an atmosphere that prolonged the journey towards the climax of opening the box.

The thought behind the short films was to either/or:
Criticize norms and behaviours in society through an unpleasant, ironic, sincere and strange WTF-feeling.